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    Gaming 🎮 GTA V had a cancelled multiplayer mode?

    Did You Know: GTA V had a cancelled multiplayer mode? It consisted of a territory control game mode between the LSPD and different gangs in the game. Many leftovers of this game mode have been found in the files of the PC version of GTA V.

    Football ⚽ GTA 5 Source Code Leaked. Now it's Open-Source?🤯

    GTA 5 source code that took Rockstar years to write was reportedly sold for $2,000 then leaked by a modder, making the game open-source & allowing the following: - Creating more advanced mods. - Porting the game to new platforms. - Making new games with the existing codebase. (via _Dyllie_ on...

    DO YOU KNOW Rockstar Games cancelled 8 GTAV story DLCs

    Rockstar Games cancelled 8 GTAV story DLCs, including Michael, Franklin, Trevor and Liberty City expansions to focus on GTA Online. - Prologue (North Yankton DLC). - LibertyV (Liberty City DLC). - Agent Trevor. - Assassination. - Manhunt. - Norman. - Relationship. - Enterprise.
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