1. SHAFI

    Udemy Course Python for Data Science with Assignments

    What will you learn? Real-world use cases of Python and its versatility. Installation of Python on both Mac and Windows operating systems. Fundamentals of programming with Python, including variables and data types. Working with various operators in Python to perform operations. Handling data...
  2. SHAFI

    Udemy Course Machine Learning and Deep Learning Projects in Python

    20 Practical Projects Of Machine Learning And Deep Learning And Their Implementation In Python Along With All The Codes Link:
  3. SHAFI

    Udemy Course Learn Python Programming: by Building a Facebook ChatBot App

    Master Python Basics With Step-By-Step Examples And Build A Facebook Chatbot From Scratch. Link:
  4. Wadu7676

    Course Css programming for design websites ( super easy language)

    Hello everyone I am wadu as we developer I have many experience in ai and web3.0 I will share all my learning tips
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