Gaming 🎮 Best & Fastest selling PlayStation exclusives to date


20240211 233038

Best & Fastest selling PlayStation exclusives to date


✅Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: 2.5m copies in only 24 hours, +5m copies in total (Leaked: 6.1m copies sold)

✅God of War Ragnarök: 5.1m in 5 days, +15m total

✅The Last of Us: +20m copies total

✅The Last of Us – Part II: 4m in 3 days, +10m total

✅Final Fantasy VII Remake : 3.5m in 3 days, +7m total

✅Marvel’s Spider-Man: 3.3m in 3 days, +33m total

✅God of War: 3.1m in 3 days, 23 million total

✅Ghost of Tsushima: 2.4m in 3 days, +9.73m total

✅Final Fantasy XVI: 3m in 5-6 days, +3m total

✅Horizon Zero Dawn: 2.7m in 2 weeks, +24.3m total

✅Uncharted 4: 2.7m 1 week, +15m total (Leaked: 18m copies sold to date)

✅Horzion Forbidden West: 8.4m copies


✅The Last of Us Remastered: 18m
✅Gran Turismo Sport: 13m
✅Miles Morales: 11m
✅Bloodborne: 7.5m
✅DaysGone: 7.2m
✅Ratchet & Clank (PS4): 7m
✅DriveClub: 4.9m


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