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FileBird WordPress Theme GPL Free Download byTheXtarcom
Introducing FileBird Pro: Imagine a world where thousands of images, banners, and captivating photos are seamlessly organized into folders. Picture pages, posts, and custom post types arranged in a systematic order, readily accessible at your fingertips. Documents sorted alphabetically, by author, or by date – a dream transformed into reality by FileBird Pro. Experience the unparalleled convenience of efficient file organization with FileBird Pro.


Are you a WordPress website administrator? As you continually add various media files such as images, videos, audio, SVG, PDF, docx, etc., into your WordPress site, it can lead to the accumulation of thousands of files. The default WordPress media database lacks logical organization, making it challenging to efficiently locate specific files. If you’ve ever wished for a file management system akin to your computer, FileBird is the solution. This plugin empowers you to create unlimited virtual folders, simplifying file organization through a drag-and-drop interface. Now you can save considerable time placing your media files precisely where they belong. The hierarchical view of your folders further streamlines the process of finding specific folders effortlessly.


  1. Drag and Drop Interface:
    • Modernize your file management experience with native drag events, reducing the number of clicks needed to move files and folders.
  2. Organize Pages, Posts, & Custom Post Types:
    • Extend FileBird’s magic beyond media files to pages and various post types, including posts, products, events, users, members, campaigns, Elementor templates, and more.
  3. Folder Themes:
    • Choose from three folder tree themes: FileBird Default, Windows 11, and Dropbox. Customize your workspace to match your preferences.
  4. Folder Colors:
    • Add vibrancy to your folders with over 16 preset colors, or choose custom HEX colors for a personalized touch.
  5. New File Counter:
    • Track newly uploaded media assets with a file counter that can switch between counting files per folder or per parent folder with nested folders.
  6. Superior File Browser in Page Builders:
    • Seamlessly integrate FileBird with your page builder, allowing you to browse files within the same interface as FileBird’s native media library folders.
  7. Embedded Gallery with FileBird Gutenberg Block:
    • Enhance your posts or pages by adding a “FileBird Image Gallery” block, displaying all media files in selected folders with customizable options.
  8. Document Library (Addon):
    • The Document Library addon showcases file lists from folders/categories on the front-end, complete with breadcrumb navigation, nested folders, and flexible pagination.
  9. Upload to Specific Folder:
    • Simplify file collection creation by uploading multiple files directly to the desired WP folder from the dropdown menu in the Upload New Media modal.
  10. Customizable Sidebar:
    • Resize and collapse the folder panel to suit your needs, maximizing workspace for improved navigation and comfort.
  11. SVG File Support:
    • Enable secure SVG uploads for efficient vector graphics handling without relying on clunky plugins.
  12. Painless Migration:
    • Easily import categories and folders if you’re transitioning from Enhanced Media Library by wpUXsolutions or Media Library Folders by Max Foundry.
  13. Flexible Media Sort & Search:
    • Navigate your multi-level folder structure effortlessly, thanks to a robust sorting system and an instant search box for efficient filtering and categorization.
  14. CMS Optimization:
    • Enhance Content Management System performance by reducing administration time and operational costs.
  15. Assistive SEO:
    • Establish a proper media file hierarchy for seamless collaboration, allowing for easy tracking of changes and events, especially for external SEO associates.
  16. Folder Tree with Top-Notch Design:
    • Adhering to the latest design trends, FileBird features clean quality code and UI/UX-inspired design for a superior user experience.
  17. Intelligent Deletion:
    • Deleting or renaming a folder is a simple click away, with files automatically moved to the “Uncategorized” folder, preserving your data.
  18. Multi-Language Supported:
    • Enjoy an intuitive experience with translated menus and labels, eliminating the need to consult documentation.
  19. Versatile Compatibility:
    • FileBird seamlessly integrates with popular themes, page builders, and third-party plugins, including WooCommerce, WPML, Polylang, WPBakery, Elementor, Gutenberg, and more.
  20. Lifetime License:
    • Embrace FileBird with a lifetime license, ensuring one-time payment and lifetime updates. Benefit from a 30-day money-back guarantee for added peace of mind. Discover a better way to manage your WordPress media files.
✅ Current Version: 6.0.9

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