Gaming 🎮 RDR1 coming out for PC 🔥


20240514 115436

RDR1 coming out for PC now shows how busy Rockstar has probably been with developing GTA 6.

The schedule was probably for a Nintendo/PS5 and PC release but they couldn’t hit the timeline and delayed the PC port for a few months.

But I can’t side with Rockstar here because this is very worrying, the culture within Rockstat Games has changed significantly. Not managing to release an RDR1 PC port day one with PS5 and Nintendo, never releasing an RDR2 patch and never releasing a next-gen GTA V PC update (with ray tracing) is worrying because GTA 6 is their main Game scheduled for 2025.

Either Rockstar Games has been extremely busy developing GTA 6 or GTA 6 is behind schedule and will get delayed inevitably.

Asking for employees to come and work full-time since April is what has led me to this conclusion.

Hopefully everything is going well with the development of GTA 6 and it wouldn’t hurt Rockstar if they unlocked the RDR2’s framerate for the current gen consoles
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