Gaming 🎮 Rockstar should make a new Pirate Games , Reason Why?


Rockstar should make a new Pirate IP after GTA 6, the reason is simple; Every Gamer loves playing as a pirate. It's the reason why AC:4 is still being played YEARS after it's release. The potential of delivering a good Pirate Game hasn't even been touched yet I think (cough* Ubisoft AAAA Game).

I believe that Rockstar should really focus on this idea and make a good pirate story which can later have a multiplayer addition to welcome new players.

even using the same engine as GTA 6 after it comes out, just a different setting because GTA 6 already looks so realistic would mean that this kind of Game would come out 5/6 years after GTA 6 release and it would be a massive hit!


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