Forum Rules For Everyone



Welcome to TheXtar! We want everyone to enjoy their time here, and to ensure a positive experience, please familiarize yourself with the following detailed rules: Last Updated: December 5th, 2023.

1. Rule Reporting:

  • We encourage members to report any perceived rule violations promptly. Your diligence helps maintain a healthy community.
2. Ban Durations:

  • While default ban durations exist, our moderators exercise discretion based on the nature of the violation. For minor offenses, infractions may be issued instead of an outright ban.
3. Administrator Approval:

  • Some rules may be subject to exceptions granted by administrators. Any deviations must be explicitly approved and clearly communicated in relevant posts.
Specific Rules:


  • No Advertising: We kindly request refraining from posting or quoting advertisements. (Permanent Ban)
Spam and Trolling:

  • No Spamming: Please be mindful of excessive or off-topic posts, particularly outside designated spam sections. (1 Day Ban)
  • No Trolling: While humor is appreciated, let's ensure it's within appropriate areas. (3 Day Ban)
Security and Respect:

  • No Scamming: Engaging in any form of scam is strictly forbidden. (Permanent Ban)
  • No Unauthorized Access: Respect the privacy of fellow members. Unauthorized access to accounts or computers is prohibited. (Permanent Ban)
  • Respect Staff: We kindly ask for respectful interactions with our dedicated staff. Disrespectful behavior may result in a 5-day ban.
Posting Guidelines:

  • No Wrong Section Threads: Please take a moment to ensure your threads are posted in the correct sections. (1 Day Ban)
  • No Flaming Members: We encourage positive and constructive communication. Hostile comments are discouraged outside designated areas. (2 Day Ban)
  • No Bumping Dead Threads: Reviving inactive threads should be done with good reason. (3 Day Ban)
Forum Conduct:

  • No Disrespecting TheXtar: Uphold a culture of respect, extending to the forum itself. (Permanent Ban)
  • No Misusing Forum Rewards: Proper use of forum rewards is appreciated; however, solicitation should be avoided. (3 Day Ban)
...and so on. Each rule has its own consequence, so be sure to follow them... Let's work together to make TheXtar an enjoyable space for everyone! We thank you for your commitment to making our forum a pleasant space for all. Happy posting!
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